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Malaysia CAT340
Standard Stamp Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

2010 28th edition. Full colour illustrations. Paperback 307+ pages. Previously owned, with bookplate on inside cover.

{short description of image} Mexico
Introduction to the Stamps of Mexico, by Dale Pulver. 1992. Part of Linn's Handbook Series. An overview of the different eras of stamps of Mexico, including Postal History and Back of the Book issues, and much information on overprints. Softcover, 114 B&W pages. Some moisture damage at bottom, largely...

{short description of image} Netherlands
Speciale Catalogus 2015: NVPH Catalogue

NVPH Catalogue of Netherlands stamps, 74th edition. Includes Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean, Netherlands Indies, Dutch New Guinea, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Saint Martin, and Surinam. In Dutch language, with handy two-page 'word guide' for important philatelic terms in Dutch, English, Chinese, and Spanish. Hardcover, 904 colour pages. New.

Netherlands CAT370 NVPH 65th Edition Speciale Catalogue 2006

Full colour illustrations. Paperback 744 pages. Previously owned, with bookplate on inside cover.

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Selos Postais e Marcas Pre-Adesivas -
Portugal, Acores, Madeira (2 Volume Set)

2011 New. Volume 1: 1853-1999 (491 pages), Volume 2: 2000-2010 (191 pages).  Softcover, with excellent color illustrations.


{short description of image} Russia
Zagorski Specialized Catalogue of Russian Stamps 1857-1991

By Zagorski, 2010/11 Edition.  Like new.  510 pages of excellent, full color illustrations.  An essential guide to understanding Russian stamps.

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