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Hellas Stamp Catalogue And Postal History

2001 34th. A catalogue of Greece stamps with full colour illustrations. A Fine reference for the collector of Greece and its postal history. 747 pages in excellent condition.

Hong Kong
CAT267 Yang's Postage Stamp & Postal History Catalogue of Hong Kong. 1997.

Softcover. 127 colour pages of the stamps of Hong Kong. 1997, 18th edition. Excellent condition. In English language with some Chinese.

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Phila India 2011-2012 Guide Book (1800-2010)

2011-2012 Edition.  Covers Indian Philately over the years 1800-2010.  Comprehensive in detail with great colour illustrations.  Invaluable guide to those interested in Indian stamps.  352 Pages.  Like new.

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2016 Sassone Catalogue of Italian Stamps, Volume 1.

Catalogo Specializzato dei Francobolli d'Italia e dei Paesi Italiani. Hardcover, 1077 colour pages. 2016, 75th Edition. In Italian language. Well used, but in good condition. Includes: Antichi Stati Italiani, regno di Vittorio Emanuele II, Regno d'Italia, R.S.I., Luogotenenza, Trieste A & Trieste B, Emissioni Locali, Corpo Polacco, 1st Guerra Mondiale, 2nd Guerra Mondiale, Uffici Postali all'Estero, Colonie Italiane, & Occupazioni Straniere delle Colonie.

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Sassone 2015 Catalogue of Italian postage stamps.

I Francobolli, 1850-1900: Antichi Stati Italiani, Regno di Vittorio Emanuele II, Regno d'Italia. Hardcover, 560 colour pages, in Italian language. Fine condition, with previous owner's bookplate inside front cover. There is some minor damage to the binding.

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Italy CAT320
Unificato Catalogue of Italy & Italian States, Super edition, 2005

Unificato Catalogazione e quotazione dei fracobolli di Italia & Antichi Stati, Super 2005. 1099 colour pages. Includes stamps of Italy, Italian States, San Marino, Vatican City, and Italian Colonies. Also includes listings for Europa, Aland Islands, Azores, Faroe Islands, Francia - Arte, Guernsey, Alderney, Jersey, Malta, Isle of Man, Australia, and Israel. Softcover, very fine condition. Italian language. Owner's bookplate in front cover.


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Italy CAT330
Vaccari 2006/2007 Catalogue of Italian Stamps, 1850-1900.

Vaccari 2006/2007 Francobolli e Storia Postale; Trattato Storico e Catalogo con Valutazioni. 12th edition. 351 colour pages of stamps of Italy and Italian states from 1850-1900. Italian language. Like new. Owner's bookplate in front cover.


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