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191000 cvr Scott #31-32. Dallay #6,7. 75 Centimes SENEGAL on 15 centimes Colonies, and 1 Franc SENEGAL on 5 centimes Colonies, scarce provisional stamps, tied by "SAINT LOUIS/14/JUIN/ 92 SENEGAL" c.d.s. to a local envelope with addressee neatly obliterated by pen. A Rare cover in fine condition. Signed by Roger Calves. Maury 2010-2011 catalogue value is Euro 500 for the two stamps off cover. Scott 2012 net retail is US$ 400, for the two used stamps off cover. 595.00

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Scott #111.  Definitive 90 centimes brown-red and rose, issued for the payment of postage on postcards addressed abroad, tied by tombstone DAKAR PORT cancellation (duplex) to a multicoloured postcard with the Rock of Gibraltar. The postcard was posted in December of 1936, and is  addressed to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. There is a single crease at the upper-left corner. Otherwise, very fine. Maury 2011 catalogue value is Euro 110. Scott 2011 net retail for single franking is US$ 140.

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Scott #411. Superb Die Proof struck in black on sunken card with dry embossing and signature of the engraver, Joumelet,  for the 95  Francs stamp issued in 1975 for the International Philatelic Exhibition in Paris, June 6, 1975.  The stamp depicts Apollo of Belvedere and stamp silhouettes.

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