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{short description of image} 99980
Scott #61.  Polychromatic photographic postcard, showing harbor scene of Shang-hai.  One half anna green, King Edward VII, tied by "CAMP POST OFFICE No. 9 5.12.1906" Manuscript "Camp Tanghlakabad".  Sent by assistant surgeon A.B. de Castro with Bengal Presidency.  Addressed to France and with two postage due stamps, Scott #J30, both tied by French postmarks, the first paying 10 centimes postage due, and the second with a penned annulment and correction to 5 cts alongside in manuscript, for forwarding pay.  Addressed to the Vicomtesse de Bile.  Very Fine and very Scarce postcard.

{short description of image} 102250
SG #54.  Townhall 1 Anna.  Very Fine, never hinged.

{short description of image} 102299
Official SG #O56.  Official mint block of six with sheet margins.  VF, NH.

SG# 57. Scott 38. One anna black and claret, inscribed postage and revenue, a complete sheet of forty stamps, of which 34 are Never Hinged, 6 are lightly hinged. Stanley Gibbons 2009 catalogue value for hinged is GBP 400.00, which is about US$ 680.00. Estimated catalogue value for never hinged is GBP 570.00, which is about US$ 970.00. A rare item in excellent condition.

{short description of image} COC840
Cochin.  SG #O71. Scott #O60. 2 annas grey black, sheet corner block of four. Very Fine mint. Stanley Gibbons 2011 catalogue value if GBP 28 for four singles.

{short description of image}
Cochin.  SG #O92-O95, O97-O98. Scott #O90-O93, O95, O96. Short set of Officials, from 1948-1949. Very Fine mint blocks of four, some with sheet margins, all  Never Hinged. Stanley Gibbons 2011 catalogue value is GBP 63.40.

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