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80380 cvr
1825. Folded letter sent from Gibraltar to Administrator of Public Health, Marseille, explaining the fact that two people affected by Cholera were returned to normality after the precautions taken to disinfect them at the Lazaret. It seems, therefore, that by 1825 the Cholera Epidemic had not affected in a great way the population of Gibraltar. The cover bears the following postal markings: DE GUBr/S. ROQUE / AND A. BAXA, in red in front; S.ROQUE / FRANCA, in red in front; and ESPAGNE / PAR BAYONNE, in black in front. All markings are very clear, thus it is a Superb early letter in exceptional condition, with historical contents. 385.00

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Higgins & Gage #E6. Five centimos green, printed matter wrapper of Gibraltar, used in Tangier, and addressed to Gibraltar. Fine and fresh example.

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