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Scott #13-25. Michel #11-23. Very Fine Registered cover to Konigsberg with compete set of definitives of 1900 to Marks, each stamp cancelled and tied to the cover by the Field Post circular datestamp "K.D.FELDPOSTATION Nr. 1.4 /5", (May 4th, 1905), Registration label of the Feldpostation, and arrival circular datestamp of KONISGSBERG 19.6.05. Very Fne and Rare cover sent from a Field Post Office with the high denomination stamps. An impressive cover, used during the Herero upspring (in 1903, some Herero tribes rose in revolt and about 60 German settlers were killed. Troops were sent from Germany to re-establish order, but only succeeded in dispersing the rabels, led by Chief Samuel Maharero. In October 1904, General Lothar von Trotha issued orders to kill every male Herero and drive the women and children into the desert. As soon as the news of this order reached Germany it was repealed, but by this time the rest of the native population was in full-scale revolt. When the order was lifted at the end of 1904, prisoners were herded into concerntration camps and given as slave labor to German business, where many died of overwork and malnutrition. It took until 1908 to re-establish German authority over the territory. By that time 100,000 Africans had been killed. At the height of the campaign some 19,000 German troops were involved.)

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