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{short description of image} 66150
Scott #87. King Solomon's Throne, 1/4 guerche pale blue-green, a part sheet of fifty stamps, made up by two panes of 25 stamps each, separated by gutters with "Jubilee" line.   All stamps are never hinged and in perfect condition. Scott 2014 net retail is $55 for hinged stamps. With premium for never hinged and gutter pairs it is at least $82.50.

{short description of image} 66210
Scott #108. Solomon's Throne 1/4 guerche pale blue green overprinted in celebration of the Coronation of Empress Zauditu. A mint pane of twenty-five stamps, with sheet margins on three sides, with Jubilee line and plate inscriptions at the margin at right. All stamps are never hinged and in perfect condition.Wide spacing and narrow spacing varieties (10) are present.

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