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62399 cvr
Scott #2. Medio real pale ultramarine on bluish paper tied by a "FRANCA" in a rhombus of dots in black to a very fine folded letter originating at GUAYAQUIL (december 14, 1871) and addressed to RIO BAMBA. Internal commercial letters are very scarce. The stamp has large to clear margins and the cover is in excellent state of preservation. Very Fine. 675.00
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62410 cvr Scott #3,4. Un real yellow and un real buff cancelled by the numeral "3154" and with "QUITO FRANCA/17/JU.." alongside, on a complete folded letter addressed to Lima. On reverse there is a Lima arrival datestamp of 31 July 1872. The stamps have full margins and the scarce cancellation is very clear. In spite of some soiling of the letter, a Rare and Important item of Postal History. It is addressed to "Senor Vicente Romero" which makes this cover even more desireable. 1350.00

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